raja yoga means the supreme union 

by practicing raja yoga you become a self sovereign being

7 Days Raja Yoga Course

Guided Meditation Audios

Why Practice
Raja Yoga?

Raja Yoga is designed to re-connect you to your Higher Self. It purifies the mind, opens the heart and awakens your soul. Raja Yoga offers the gateway to mukti and  jeevanmukti (freedom from life and freedom whilst in life).

If you feel drained of spiritual power, Raja Yoga is the method to ‘charge your soul’ and return to your original and eternal state of being.

What is
Raja Yoga?

Raja Yoga, aka, Remembrance, is the union (yoga) of you, the soul, with the Supreme Soul. By making this link and connection, you immerse yourself in the purifying atmosphere of Divinity and experience your sacred personal relationship with God.

Raja Yoga is the method of returning to your original state of peace, power and purity by taking power from the Source.

How to practice
Raja Yoga?

Raja Yoga is practiced moment to moment, and is the continuous surrender and turning your mind over to God. By staying in the loving remembrance of the One, you are colored by the Company of the Truth, and you regain the power and purity that is originally and eternally yours. You gain victory over the forces of ego and negativity, and return to your experience of true peace.