Divine Union

How to experience Higher Consciousness & Easy Remembrance


The Experiences

Deep Meditation Experiments

Enjoy these guided meditation explorations for powerful yoga from experienced international teachers

Guided Meditations

Listen to guided meditations to increase your experience of the Divine Union with God

Contemplation and Classes

Special Classes on yoga and meditation for increased power

Bro Surya

Classes and powerful suggestions for Higher Consciousness from Bro Surya

Dadi Gulzar

Classes and inspiration from Dadi Gulzar

Other Classes

A selection of classes for increased yogi, joy and freedom from other experienced teachers

Yoga Bhatti

Most Powerful Peace Meditation Ever From Yoga Bhatti

The Mission


Originally¬†and eternally we are supremely pure souls. It’s time to return home. For this, we must re-awaken to who we are and re-experience our original state of consciousness.