The Steep Climb to Higher Freedom

Our minds/brains naturally generate about 45,000 thoughts per day; approximately 1,800 thoughts per hour and 31 thoughts per minute. If you have the practice of going into silence and witnessing your thoughts, you will be amazed at the variety of thoughts-ridiculous, outrageous, cruel, touching, truthful, violent, fanciful, evil, childish, sinful.

The competition for play-time on the screen of the mind is fascinating and ever-changing and most often illusory and lacking truth.

It is important to really let these facts take root in your being and recognize that thoughts which cause you or others suffering should not be put into practice even though they will continue to arise forcefully in our consciousness.

When we are battling with our thoughts, may we have the strength to contain then with love and allow the inner processes to unfold inside of us rather than aborting them or acting them out on the stage of life.

May we have the strength and wisdom and compassion to set aside time and resources to care for our true selves and may we get a taste of a newer kind of freedom along the way.