Staying Above It All – No Matter What



This week we’re focusing on giving good wishes and pure feelings, no matter what.
The world is an unstable place and many unstable souls act in seemingly irrational or harmful ways. When things go “wrong” we can be compelled to ask,”Why did it happen? How did it happen, what is going on?” We can get caught up in the problem, lose our happiness and stop giving good wishes. This is a lose/lose situation for everyone, a loss for all.

Instead, we need to learn how to keep our happiness, keep giving good wishes and become an embodiment of solutions. By doing this, we avoid getting lost in suffering and experience divine peace and freedom.



                                                                   from Bapdada

“Good wishes and pure feelings are so powerful, but there should be no,“why?” in between. There should be nothing except good wishes and pure feelings. These are so powerful that you can transform someone with impure feelings with your own pure feelings. However, when you begin to ask, “Why is this happening? How long will this continue? How will this continue?”, then the power of good wishes reduces. Otherwise, the thoughts of your good wishes and pure feelings have a lot of power.”

“It is easy to give and receive blessings, isn’t it? Is it easy? So, you don’t let go of these blessings, do you? The easiest effort of all is to give blessings and receive blessings. Yoga is included in this, knowledge is included in it, dharna is included in it, and service is also included in it. All four subjects are included in giving blessings and receiving blessings. So, it’s easy to give and receive blessings, isn’t it?”

“Always receive blessings from everyone and give blessings to everyone. With the good wishes of your blessings, celebrate an auspicious meeting. Even if someone does have bad wishes for you, that soul is under an influence of impurity. And if you accumulate those bad wishes in your mind, do you then remain happy? Do you experience happiness? Or, do you experience the sorrow of waste thoughts such as “Why? What? How? Who?” To accept those bad wishes means to make yourself experience sorrow and peacelessness. So now all of you children have learned how to receive blessings and give blessings, haven’t you? Have you learned this?”

“Make a promise with determination: ‘I have to give happiness and I have to take happiness. I have to give blessings and receive blessings.’”

“When you have two things – good feelings and pure wishes – then you become a humble instrument who has good wishes and pure feelings for everyone. No matter what someone may be like, by you being an instrument, with humility and good wishes, you will create such an atmosphere that the other person will change through your vibrations.”

So How to Apply This?


When we see something we don’t like or we don’t understand, it’s easy to get caught up in questions such as: Why did this happen? Who did it? Why did they do it like that? What is wrong with them? How is this going to work out?

The problem with this is:

1. All of the time we spend in these questions is time NOT spent in giving and receiving good wishes.
2. We are not focused on solutions.
3. We feel terrible.

When problems arise, we do of course want to solve them. However, it’s one thing to see what is wrong, and find a solution to the problem. It’s quite another thing to just get caught up in problem, which amplifies the problem further because whatever we pay attention to gets bigger.

By shifting our focus to what we want, and seeing the other souls in a high state of consciousness, we feel better (which solves 80% of the problem) and it also allows the other souls to change.

The second secret to success is understanding this is a predestined movie. Life is destined exactly the way it is. The questioning of why, what, how are all signs that we don’t accept the destiny of life. We may not like the way things have worked out, but we can’t argue that they are happening. And if they are happening, then we may as well accept them, and work out how we can remain in a positive state and find a solution. In many cases, the problem is simply having bad feeling towards other people and the situation. This means the solution is actually as simple as shifting our inner state, so we feel fine. Once our inner reaction has changed, the problem is solved.

Additionally, we must take power and love from the Bestower, from God. In order to have the strength to not take sorrow, and to not feel bad, we must fill ourselves with God’s vibrations. We do this through the practice of Raja Yoga. As we remember God, the Supreme Soul, the Loving Light, we take in vibrations of the highest consciousness, which is eternally free from sorrow and upset. As we keep God’s company in our mind, we become more like that One.

The more we have remembrance and fill ourselves with Divine Power, the more we remember and rest in our self-respect. As we respect and honor ourselves, as the powerful souls that we are, we feel confident and strong in our spiritual core. We therefore do not get swayed into sorrow and our feelings do not get hurt. If we think and feel we are our lower self, our ego, then we will inevitably take sorrow and feel hurt. Then, our good wishes and pure feelings will end. As we adopt the inner self image of our divinity and higher self, we are ok if someone likes us or doesn’t like us, if they are nice, or nasty towards us. Either way, we feel complete and whole in our true, divine selves, connected to God, and in this way, it becomes easy to not take sorrow, and we naturally continue to give good wishes and pure feelings.




  1. Accept life as a predestined movie. It is perfect the way it is.
  2. Give good wishes to all souls, all the time, no matter what. (including to yourself)
  3. Don’t get caught up in why, why, how etc. – instead – say wah!
  4. Take in love and power from God, the Bestower
  5. Remember your true self, the soul, and stay in your pure self-respect

What will happen if you do this?


You will feel lighter and more free, happy and liberated. By allowing yourself to stay in good vibrations, love and happiness, you attract more of the same into your life. The happier and more full you are of good wishes and pure feelings, the more good fortune you accumulate and everyone will feel happy being around you.

As you remember that the movie of life is perfect, and that it’s unfolding accurately, you can rest and let go of the questions of why, what and how in your mind. Instead, you can stay in the wonder and joy of “wah!” what a wonderful life. Naturally, from this place, you have gratitude, and gratitude is the ultimate state for creating more and more good in your life.

You begin to feel that life is a magical unfolding, and you stop feeling that you need to control everything. As you take in love and power from God, you naturally feel happy and even high on higher consciousness. Remembering you are a soul, you will be able to stabilize in your true self-respect.


Everyone has constantly attained everything.

Everyone is Karmateet.

Everyone is Enlightened.

Life is unfolding perfectly.


Thank you for all of my blessings.

I bless everyone.

I love everyone and everyone loves me.

You can create your own mantra too to remind you of giving good wishes and pure feelings constantly.

You are a great soul. Thank you for your divine presence.

Wishing you every blessing and more.

Share the love and blessings 🙂

* Extra Blessings *

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