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Namaste dear [wlm_firstname],

Welcome to Raja Yoga Online.

Raja means Highest or Royal. Yoga means Union.

This course is about learning to have the highest union, that is, union with the Divine. Through this practice, you are able to clear the past and be refilled with light and truth.

Multi-million fold congratulations and blessings for making it here.

Here’s how your course journey goes:

  1. Simply start with the Introduction.
    Listen to the Introduction and Intentions Audio and Meditation. Please write and send your Sacred Intentions for taking this Course to: blessings@rajayogaonline.com, with a picture of yourself. Once you’re complete, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button that says “take the quiz”
  2. Once you’ve submitted your quiz, you will then be added to Lesson 1.
  3. You will then gain access to each subsequent lesson upon completing each previous lesson quiz. These quizzes are to support your learning and imbibing the material, and for us to help answer any questions you have.
  4. Always check your email as we are going the send the links to your next lesson there.
  5. That’s all. It’s very simple. When you reach Lesson 8, you can then proceed to the Advanced Course.

Many congratulations for finding and taking this course.

You are a blessed soul.

With love,

Your Spiritual Friends

p.s. Feel free to email us any time to say hi at blessings@rajayogaonline.com.