Blessings From Beyond The Universe

“May you be introverted and remain constantly merged with love in the ocean of happiness”


Your Blessing From Beyond The Universe

May you be introverted and remain constantly merged with love in the ocean of happiness

Today on Spiritual Recharge, our Blessing from Beyond the Universe is to remain introverted and constantly merged with love in the ocean of happiness. When we are spiritually focused inward, aware we are souls, we are able to access the immense ocean of happiness, the most beautiful vibrations. The more we do this, the more we are able to create a divine life. By focusing inwards, we know, “I am a peaceful soul. I belong to the Divine.”

When we are introverted, that is, when our attention is focused inside, aware of ourselves as spiritual light, there is a peaceful flow of energy. As soon as we expend our energy outwards, outside of ourselves, we can quickly become very drained and depleted. If we want to truly give to others, and be of the greatest service, our practice of introversion will offer true spiritual vibrations and love. When we are connected within, then, and only then, can we truly connect with another.

When we are extroverted, meaning, externally focused, we can very easily lose ourselves, our connection to the Divine, and our ability to see the immense beauty and light in others.

Today, let’s practice being spiritually introverted, and remain merged with love in the ocean of happiness.

With every blessing,
Arielle & Michael

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