The Cosmic Travelers Guide To

Real Spiritual Awakening & Freedom

Discover the Nature of Reality
& Re-Experience Complete Freedom In Life

Discover the ‘Nature of Reality’

Watch this entire video with an open mind and heart. Focus on the experience beyond and behind the words.

Do you realize you are a cosmic traveller, an immortal being?

You came here into this world and this body from another world – a world of light!

You (the real you) is always safe, secure and free.

But this experience of total freedom is not always constant? Why not? Because we live in a world that has gone crazy – obsessively worrying about every little superficial detail – trying to fit in, trying to get more and more stuff, trying to look perfect, trying so hard to do just about anything to find that peace again… but looking in all the wrong places.

The problem is that no matter how hard we try, how young we look, how much money we have or whatever – no matter what happens – unless we feel peaceful and free – life is painful.

In this mediation you’ll have an opportunity to experience and explore your own eternity and immortality.
It’s your time to AWAKEN to the immense power latent inside of you.

These Cosmic Traveller Sessions are designed to:

• Free you from worry, fear and stress
• Allow you to feel profound deep peace and stillness – like nothing in this world
• Provide you with much needed perspective and freedom in life
• Allow you to find peace with whatever is happening in your life
• Experience the magic of being
• And restore you to truth, waking you up from a global trance

The meditations are not really ‘meditations’. They are windows into awakening.

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AND – be ready to SHARE and connect with me personally. This is an interactive meditation where you’ll have a chance to share your experience and together everyone will go deeper and deeper. This is not a passive adventure. Its an active movement away from worry and stress and obsession into a world of endless peace and freedom.

We start small… with little glimpse of eternity – and then deepen the experience.

All that’s required is concentration and determination.

Choosing to focus and rest in this home of light. Willing to return to your original state of peace and freedom that’s always there.

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