How to Transform Intentions with Good Wishes and Pure Feelings

How to Transform Intentions with Good Wishes and Pure Feelings (Week 3)


This week, we’re going to look at how to use the power of our good wishes and pure feelings, to transform intentions. This can actually be used to transform our own intentions, as well as the intentions of others.

For example, if someone has negative intentions towards you, and you shower them with good wishes and pure feelings, their intentions will soften, open and change to become more loving intentions. 

Additionally, when we have pure feelings, we only see good intentions everywhere.

When we have negative feelings, we only see bad intentions everywhere we look!

If we have negative feelings, for example, about the President of the country, everywhere we look we will only see him doing bad things. Even if some of his intentions are good, we will be blinded to that, and only see the negative. This can happen with anyone or anything we “don’t like.” However, when we change our feelings, we can finally begin to recognize the good, and see that the intentions of others are not always only bad, but we can start to see the good. Additionally, as we have pure feelings and good wishes, we actually influence the other soul to purify and uplift their intentions, so everything and everyone becomes more positive and uplifted.



                                                                   from Bapdada

Feelings change intentions

“Generally in life, the basis of the stages of accent and decent are these two aspects. One is feelings and the other is wishes. If, in any task, you have elevated feelings for both the task and the one who is carrying out the task, then the result obtained by those feelings is automatically elevated.

One feeling is of having benevolence for everyone.

The second feeling is of giving love and cooperation, no matter what anyone is like.

The third is of constant zeal and enthusiasm.

The fourth is to have a feeling of everyone belonging to you, no matter who that person may be or what he may be.

The fifth is the foundation of all of these, that is the feeling of the soul consciousness.

These are called positive feelings. Therefore, to become angelic means to have all these positive feelings. Only when your feelings are the opposite of these positive feelings, do corporeal feelings attract you towards themselves. The meaning of corporeal feelings is to be negative, that is, to be the opposite of all these five aspects. Feelings first come in the form of thoughts, then in words and then in actions. As are your feelings, so you will view the activity and words of others with that intention, and that is how you will then listen to them and come into connection with them.

Feelings can change intentions. If, at any time, you have feelings of jealousy towards any soul, that is, you do not have the feeling of that one belonging to you, then you find that through every activity and word of that soul a misunderstanding will arise. That one may be doing something good, but because your feelings are not good, you will only see a bad intention through that one’s activity in words. Feelings change intentions. Check whether you have good wishes and pure feelings for all souls. Because there is a difference in understanding their intention, this misunderstanding becomes a door for Maya (negativity). In order to create the angelic stage, especially check your wishes and feelings, and you easily have special experiences through the angelic stage.”

So How to Apply This?


To practice this, especially focus on good wishes and pure feelings. Notice how if you have negative feelings towards a situation or soul, you will only see negative intentions. Practice having pure feelings, and watch how your mind opens like a flower to see the good, and in seeing the good, everything becomes good.



Have good feelings, see the good, and watch everything become good.

You may also like practicing the mantra:

Everything that is happening is constantly good.


What will happen if you do this?


The more we give blessings and good feelings and transform intentions, the better our life. Things fall into place more gracefully. The people in our lives are naturally more cooperative and kind. We’re able to rest in the beauty of life, rather than dwell in negativity.

You are a great soul. Thank you for your divine presence.

Share the love and blessings 🙂

* Extra Blessings *

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