Falling in Love and Remembrance

Contemplations on Falling in Love with God and its relation to Remembrance

A blessing and reflection for you from Sister Samar:

The One often refers to us (both males and females alike) as His brides. It is a beautiful expression to engage us in an inner dialogue about the most powerful paths to liberation in life, the path of falling in love with God. When we are in love (with someone, or even an idea or an object) they cross our minds a thousand times a day and we do things for them with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

Interestingly, neuroscientists have shown that some brain activity during the initial stages of infatuated love involve obsessive thinking and compulsive action. We are all familiar with how we change for our lover, and how we dress for them and how we effortlessly share our being-our time, resources and possessions with them. We have all had the experience of elevating our lover and hanging on their every word.

In the confluence age, when God comes to support our journey back to our true self and to inspire world transformation, there is an opportunity for those who desire it, to live out the highest union with God- the highest-on- high beloved Father, Friend, Guide and Supreme Soul. May we have the power of silence to see that our deepest, purest and most universal desire is to re-unite with and be in a vibrant ever new union with our sweet Father.