Don’t Take Sorrow



In today’s session we will be talking about how to not take sorrow from other people and situations of sorrow.

This is an essential practice because there are many people who are giving sorrow.

If you go on social media and look at the comments, it’s clear that millions of people are actively trying to give sorrow to others.

And in our own lives, we can come across people who give us sorrow, saying or doing things that are harmful and unkind. Some people don’t like you or what you say. Some defame you for no good reason and the list goes on and on.

When someone experiences negativity from others, the typical response is…

  • Feel hurt and wounded (I am so offended by this)
  • Feel angry and want to attack and defame them back (How dare they, this person is…)
  • Get the online mob after them to attack and demand a forced apology

All of these methods are not ideal, as they leave everyone worse off than before and spread seeds of negativity and suffering that then flare up again and again, causing more and more suffering. You can see this playing out online and in the world on a daily basis.

So what is the alternative to this?

How can we deal with sorrow and negativity in a new, awakened way?



                                                                   from Bapdada

“God will tell you children a method for easy effort, because you want something easy, don’t you? You don’t want anything difficult, do you? You have found the easy method for fortune. You have received it, haven’t you? It is the easiest of all. Do not do anything else, but just do one thing. You can do one thing, can you not? Say “yes” or “no”.

So, the easiest method of all is: From amrit vela, whoever you meet, receive blessings from him and give blessings. Even if an angry person comes, you just give blessings to him and receive blessings from him, because blessings are an easy tool for intense effort. Just as through science a rocket carries out its task so fast, in the same way, to give blessings and to receive blessings is a very easy method to move forward. At amrit vela, take blessings from the Father through easy remembrance, and throughout the day give blessings and receive blessings. Can you do this? Can you do this? If you can do this, then raise your hands.

What would you do if someone has bad wishes for you? What if someone repeatedly troubles you? Look, you are bestowers, the children of God, the children of the Bestower. You are Master Bestowers, are you not? So, what is the duty of a bestower? To give. So, the best thing of all is to give blessings.

It does not matter what someone may be like; he is still your brother or sister. The children of God are your brothers and sisters, aren’t they? So, the other person is a child of God, your godly brother or sister. So what would you give to that one? Bad wishes? Does the Father ever have bad wishes? Would he do that? Does he do that? Yes or no? You will then remain very happy (when you don’t have bad wishes). Why? Because if you give blessings to those who have bad wishes for you, whether they give them or not, you just continue to receive blessings, so why would there be sorrow?

God is giving you children who have come, one blessing. If you remember this blessing, you always remain happy. Should God tell you the blessing? Will you listen to it? The blessing is: If someone gives you sorrow, don’t take it. They may give, but you mustn’t take it.

The one who gives it has given it, but you are the ones who take, aren’t you? The one who gives it is not the one who takes. If they are giving something bad, if they give you sorrow or peacelessness, that is something bad, isn’t it? Do you like sorrow? You don’t like it, do you? So, it is something bad, isn’t it? So, would you take something bad? If someone gives you something bad, would you take it? You would not. So why do you take it? You do take it, don’t you?

If you take sorrow, then who is it that becomes unhappy? Does the other person become unhappy or do you? The one who takes is more unhappy. If you don’t take sorrow from now, then half your sorrow is removed. You will not take it, will you? Then, instead of sorrow, you will give that one happiness, and so you will receive blessings, won’t you? Then, you will remain happy and your treasure store of blessings will continue to become full. No matter what souls are like, just take blessings from every soul. Have good wishes and pure feelings.” 4/9/2005

How to practice this?


First it’s important to realize that we personally have a choice about what we take and what we don’t take.

If someone gives you a pile of garbage, you don’t have to take it. You can put it in the trash can. You don’t have to take it into your home and snuggle up with it in bed or put it in the middle of your living room. You can throw it away and forget about it.

This week we came across someone who was upset about something and wanted to take it out on us. Initially, there was a temptation to take sorrow, but instead we practiced these methods. Here is what we did:

  • Realize that this soul is our family and they belong to us.
  • Any negativity from anyone means they are under an external influence, not in their self respect
  • Underneath, they are sending blessings and love. They are good.
  • Send them love and blessings and good wishes from the heart. Genuinely wish them well in all they do.
  • See them healed, whole and perfect. See them in their highest form and take blessings from that. On a deeper level, everyone is giving blessings to everyone else.

By practicing this, the negativity goes away and we feel deep peace and good feelings. And in time, it also helps to support others in having a breakthrough.




  • Whilst walking and moving around and coming into connection relationship with others, give every soul feelings of good wishes from your heart and also receive good wishes from others.
  • Always receive blessings from everyone and give blessings to everyone. With the good wishes of your blessings, celebrate an auspicious meeting.
  • Have a feeling of everyone belonging to you, no matter who that person may be or what he may be.
  • Even if people don’t give you good wishes, you still can take good wishes and blessings from them. How? Underneath the bad wishes they are family and are sending love.
  • Have no waste thoughts of ‘Why, What, How, Who, What Happened etc’ just give good wishes and pure feelings all the time. My duty, is one who gives good wishes and pure feelings and put’s out the fire of negativity.
  • Take the blessings from every situation and every soul.
  • At amrit vela (early morning meditation), take blessings from the God, The Father through easy remembrance, and throughout the day give blessings and receive blessings.
  • The blessing for you is: If someone gives you sorrow, don’t take it. Have a determined thought: If there is ever an influence of bad wishes, then give ten fold more good wishes and finish that influence. Reduce the influence of one bad wish with ten fold good wishes and you will then have courage.
  • God’s direction is: Give happiness and take happiness. So now all of you children have learned how to receive blessings and give blessings, haven’t you? Have you learned this Make a promise with determination: “I have to give happiness and I have to take happiness. I have to give blessings and receive blessings.”
  • “I definitely have to do this. I definitely have to become this. It is already accomplished.” This is called being victorious by having faith in the intellect. The drama of victory is already fixed. You simply have to repeat it. It is a predestined drama. It is already created, and by repeating it, you have to create it again.
  • Simply remember one thing: I constantly have to perform one task: “Through my thoughts, through my words, through my deeds and through my connections and relations, I have to give good wishes and take good wishes.” If you have any wasteful, negative thoughts for any soul, then remember what your duty is.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first series of the Spiritual Recharge Project.

Thank you for your beautiful presences and for your good wishes and pure feelings.

Wishing you every blessing.

Please share this with someone who needs it.

* Extra Blessings *

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