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Free Meditations – Overcoming Wasteful and Negative Thinking

Discussion and Guided Meditation on Freeing the Mind   A discussion on letting go of negative and wasteful thinking, followed by a guided meditation. A renewed look at what we can do to love and gently guide the mind in a positive direction. By applying these...

Surrender Meditation

A deeply freeing, sweet and peaceful guided meditation on letting go and connecting with the Divine. By surrendering the burdens of negativity up to the One, you are able to instantly feel a calm warmth of peace and love wash over you. Enjoy this free meditation from...

How to Connect with God / The Divine

How to Connect with God / The Divine

Discover how you can connect with God / The Divine in a real way. Making this connection is natural and easy. It’s just a matter of being willing to put aside old ideas about God and making a new conn