Contemplations on Accurate Remembrance

It is of great concern to yogis, of all skills levels, to be in accurate remembrance of God.

Raja Yogis know that accurate remembrance isn’t possible until God introduces himself to us (i.e, his form, role, and residence). God states that he is an incorporeal soul who does not enter the cycle of birth and death. God, the Supreme Soul’s role is to purify souls and give them visions that will awaken their souls. He is the one that makes us true.

God, the Beloved’s, place of residence is the supreme abode, Paramdham. These are critical points of knowledge for accurate remembrance.

God, our sweet Father, also advises us to develop and express our love for him for he knows that love will heal us and our relations and bring us closer to his ocean of peace and bliss.

May we have the wisdom to go deep into these points and patiently and truthfully experiment with accurate remembrance.

May our journey be filled with surprises and radiant experiences.

May we share these experiences with others when the time is right.