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Divine Affirmation Mantras

Powerful Thoughts for Creating Your Most Elevated Life and Spiritual Fortune

The day you begin creating powerful, conscious thoughts in your mind is the day you step into a spiritual airplane that can take you anywhere you can imagine.

Thoughts are things. Each thought either lifts us up or pulls us down. When we think powerful thoughts or affirmations, with feeling and belief, we become that which we think. Thoughts can make us afraid or relaxed. If we think of good outcomes, we feel optimistic and inspired. If we imagine nightmare scenarios, we ruin our day and feel constricted.


How to Know God:

Feel Your Own Personal Relationship with the Divine – Starting Today

Do you desire to hear the voice of the One, in a real way?

If so, this special book was written for you.

This book will help you release fears and blocks to connecting with the Divine and show you how to have a close relationship with the most Beloved Presence in the Universe, your Eternal Companion, God.

By knowing this One, your fears, doubts and confusions will dissipate in the Presence of profound clarity, direction and understanding. You can say goodbye to spinning out in your head for days on end trying to ‘figure it all out’ on your own.

Kiss the stress and struggle goodbye and say hello to your most valuable and precious relationship, connection and Companion.

You will learn how to feel worthy of God’s love and overcome guilt and feeling ‘not good enough’… so you can have a direct-line connection with the most powerful Presence in the Universe whenever you need it.