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“This course was a lifeline to me. It touched a deep place within me that had been covered for many years. This practice is what brought me home to my true self and I am forever grateful!”


“The Raja Yoga course has brought out a calmer, happier me that I did not know existed. When you take this course, you develop such a connection to the One that it completely changes your life in so many wonderful ways.”


“I believe RajaYoga is an essential course for those who are on a spiritual journey. Peace is no longer a distant goal, but a very natural state of being that is right there for me, a thought and a breath away.”


“Raja yoga is the only meditation/spiritual practice that I have found that actually gives you practical, real lasting results. I have spent 40 plus years seeking to find God, and thanks to this Course, my search has ended.”


Here is a sample Weekly Blessing:

Blessing of Love: May you be a great bestower and give the gift of happiness and be worthy to receive everyone’s blessings. Whoever comes into a connection with you, continue to share happiness with them. At every moment, check to see that you are only giving happiness, and no sorrow. The more you give to others, the more you receive everyone’s blessings, and these blessings become a support to your easy spiritual progress.